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Each subscription includes four hours of data protection expertise. This could be used to train your staff, at your offices.

The lack of data protection training is regularly highlighted by the information commissioner’s office as a key failing in organisations that receive fines. Training is a legal requirement; the DPA is clear that organisations must “…take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any employees…who have access to…personal data.”

How do you achieve this? By training staff. At induction. And with annual refreshers. And whenever there is a new system, law or Code of Practice that affects how personal information must be handled in your organisation.

Human error happens. When it does, employers must be able to demonstrate that employees were sufficiently trained and understood what was expected of them when handling personal data. If not then the employer, not the employee, will be found at fault.

Training staff in the importance of handling personal information appropriately is therefore essential.

We deliver interesting, relevant data protection training. From senior management to frontline staff – all audiences and formats can be catered for.

Protecture’s Managing Director is an experienced trainer. He has delivered training to schools, charities, care workers, local and central government.

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