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One of the services included in a subscription is access to a suite of data protection documentation, ready for use:

Template Documentation

Policy and procedures are how you outline to staff what you expect of them when they handle personal information. They are also one of the key way to show to people that you are taking reasonable measures to meet your responsibilities.

Subscribers can access the following via the members area of our website:

These are tailored for your sector, with regular updates. Use them to avoid starting from scratch, or as a benchmark for your current policies.

We have distilled the Data Protection Act down to what you really need to know.

These help you through the key steps required to handling an information security incidents and Subject Access Requests.

A compliance toolkit to help you quickly assess your data protection compliance. It works alongside the other template documentation and guidance so you can prioritise actions and changes in the areas of greatest risk.

See the index to our suite of data protection policies, procedures, guidance and checklists.

See what else you would get with our subscription-based service. Take a look at our Data Protection Services or call 0203 691 5731.

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