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Each subscription includes four hours of data protection expertise. This can be used over the phone or via email to receive data protection advice and guidance whenever you need it throughout the year.

Disputes and complaints can trigger requests from individuals – everyone has a right to their personal information.

Striking the right balance between openness and privacy can be difficult – especially when other people are involved – but it is essential. This is also true when responding to requests from the police, other agencies and partners.

We can support you to ensure you provide balanced, compliant responses.

Sharing personal information can deliver joined up, efficient services – whether as part of a formal data sharing agreement or an ad-hoc request. Data sharing is also necessary to resolve investigations and other enquiries.

We can help ensure your staff know when to share, and when to hold back.

Understanding what the law requires, and clarifying this with staff and service users, can make the difference between getting the most out of ever changing technology and a flurry of complaints and confusion.

We can ensure you have the latest guidance on how to address the data protection issues posed by new and evolving technology.

The huge increase in access to smart phones and tablets has let to ever-great opportunity to work remotely from the office. This brings benefits but also data protection risks.

We can provide advice on how to approach Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – and achieve flexible working – while remaining compliant.

The steps you take to contain and investigate an information security breach are key. The Information Commissioner expects you to report serious breaches of the data protection act – when certain criteria are met.

We can support and guide you through the steps to follow in order to manage an information security breach, including when and how to engage with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Using outside expertise to deliver services for you can deliver benefits and reduce costs. It also requires you to ensure that you continue to protect and manage the personal data you are responsible for.

We can support you to ensure you follow the explicit data protection requirements when tendering for, and using, suppliers to provide services involving personal information (e.g. email services, cloud storage, CCTV).

We can provide advice and guidance on any data protection topic – we specialise in turning information law into practice. It is all we do. Our access experts have over 10 years experience handling the very queries, request and issues you face.

See what else you would get with our subscription-based service. Take a look at our Data Protection Services or call 0203 691 5731


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