Taking the 'Con' out of 'Consent'

GDPR myths and realities – legitimate interests and consent

In many ways, the GDPR is not very different to the Data Protection Act. This is true for the requirement to justify which of the six lawful “basis for processing” you are relying on to legitimise the processing (activity) in question.

Some have been, and remain clear: in life or death situations, I need to process…

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Sep 13, 2017

Changes to the ICO Subject Access Code of Practice

The right of an individual to be told whether an organisation is processing their personal data and be given access to that data (“subject access”) is a significant one in data protection law, and was the most

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Aug 07, 2017

FPS Goes Live!

This week the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) was launched by the Fundraising Regulator, in response to concerns about charity marketing, which have been raised over the last couple of years and in anticipation of the more stringent controls on the use of personal data that GDPR will bring.

The FPS is an online tool that will allow individuals…

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Jul 11, 2017

Charities face £25k fines for pestering? Maybe, maybe not...

The frontpage headline of The Daily Telegraph today, 4th July 2017 - "Charities face £25k fines for pestering" - risks bluring some key issues. 

The Fundraising Regulator is about the launch the Read more

Jul 04, 2017

Better the devil you know – personal data breach reporting and GDPR

The ICO Annual Report for 2016-17 has been published. Among the findings reported is the number of self-reported data protection incidents, broken down by sector.

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Jun 15, 2017

Updating consent – implications of the Flybe and Honda fines

On 27th March 2017, the ICO issued Monetary Penalty Notices to Honda and

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Apr 27, 2017

“We’ve always done it this way” – What the future of fundraising is not

At the unprecedented gathering in Manchester, the Fundraising Regulator launched their long-awaited guidance – and the…

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Feb 21, 2017

Fifty Shades of Screening – Fundraising and Regulatory Compliance

The ICO’s new guidance addresses key questions that remained unanswered following the RSPCA and BHF fines: Do you need consent to undertake wealth screening? Is it compliant to use publicly available personal information for fundraising purposes?

First, this is a complicated area of law…so

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Feb 19, 2017

Big red button goes back in its box – what the FPS now means for you

Sir Stuart Etherington’s report on “Regulating Fundraising for the Future” included the recommendations for the creation of a Fundraising Preference Service (“FPS”).

The initial proposal for a “big red button” – which would have stopped all…

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Jan 26, 2017
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